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Revive the Hall

This morning, before class, I was rereading Gareth S. Jones's article on working-class culture in late 19th century London.  Jones is, more or less, making a case for the centrality of the last third of the 19th century in the formation of working class cultural and political life in England, rather than the first third of the century, a la E.P. Thompson's deservedly widely read Making of the English Working Class.  Jones's article originally appeared in The Journal of Social History in the summer of 1974, and I recommend it for anyone interested in academic considerations of the intersection of class and politics, easily available now in pdf via JSTOR.  I first encountered the article in abridged form in an anthology, John Storey's Cultural Theory and Popular Culture: A Reader (1998) when in college thanks to one of the many unsung contingent faculty in the English department, Dan Traber.

     (Dan's dissertation on Henry James is also available via pdf, for …