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German Impressionism and American Romantic Literature

I don’t generally get excited much about Impressionism.  As I remarked to a friend, there is just such a large volume of it and so many of the landscapes and portraits fail to distinguish themselves, one painting to another.  Undoubtedly the movement’s style is remarkably distinguished from the Romantic or Naturalist paintings of the mid and late 19th century, and yet something is still unsatisfying about knowing that Degas painted so many dancers or that Monet painted so many water lilies.   Hesitations aside, however, I visited the German Impressionism exhibits- and yes, there are two (sort of)- in Houston right now.  The primary exhibit, “A Variation of Impressionism” German Impressionist Landscape Painting, fulfilled my every expectation.  The works looked like Impressionist paintings in style and content, and they looked indistinguishably like one another.  There are over ninety landscapes painted by three German Impressionist masters- Max Lieberman, Lovis Corinth, and Max Slevogt…